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Hello world! An inaugural post

Today I am officially launching my re-branding.  After years of helping clients achieve their goals I have come to realize my business had grown beyond just web development. To properly build a website that delivers results you have to get to know the customer, their business, their goals and their specific challenges.

Too much noise!

Today’s web development marketplace is dominated by the template mindset. A one-size-fits-all approach to internet marketing that is focused on getting the cheapest site possible, linking to every social media outlet possible and then adding to the general noise level online by having continual one sided conversations with the ether.

It has turned web development and web marketing into products and commodities rather than the processes they actually are.

When you ask most people why they are on Facebook, Twitter, [your favourite social media channel] their answer is “because you have to be” or worse “because everyone else is”.

But when you ask the deeper question: “What are you getting out of  [your favourite social media channel], how many of your customers are engaging with you there, how many new customers are you getting? The answer is usually “None”, “very little” or “I don’t know”.

And when you ask ” what are you giving to your [favourite social media channel], how are you adding value? I am, more often than not, met with blank stares.

When handled properly the web process is a unique expression of a unique solution for a unique business. It compliments the businesses other offline and online strategies. It’s structure, design and strategies are goal driven and its use of social media is value creating.

And its focused.

It is not possible to effectively engage with every social media channel or indeed every marketing channel without reducing your strategy to shouting in the dark and pissing in the wind. Unless you have the budget to hire a team of  fulltime social media gurus to work exclusively for you (and even if you do!) the key is focus.

Spend the time and energy developing the channels that work best for you and your business goals. Leave the noise making to those who have the time to waste.

What is noisemaking? Its posting frequent, useless or “forced useful” posts that add little value aside from being seen. Or autoposting your latest blog post on a hundred different social profiles with little to no thought given to relevance, engagement or value creation.

The irony is the ones who tend to make the most noise online are usually the ones who don’t have anything else to do. Is that really where you want your business to be?

Stop shouting about how great you are, stop trying to be noticed,  instead take that time and go find one customer or prospect you can help today. I guarantee the return on that investment will far exceed the time spent posting rubbish to the net.

What are you still reading this article for? Go do something useful!  😉

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